Brazil Draft Itinerary

Penn State Extension Brazil International Workshop & Ag Tour February 21 - March 3, 2018

Objective: To learn about the sustainable high-yielding soybean production systems in Brazil. This tour will provide insight into state of the art crop management of leading Brazilian farms.

Note*-Pre departure conference call or meeting in Brasilia with USDA FAS Brazil office will be determined at a later time and likely take place 2 weeks before departure.

Day​ ​1​ ​-​ ​Wednesday,​ ​February​ ​21
Depart the U.S. for an overnight flight to Brasília.

Day​ ​2​ ​-Thursday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​22
Arrival in Brasília
Visit Embrapa Cerrados in Brasília, DF - This is the research unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation which is the Ministry of Agriculture’s research agency. The starting point of the tour will consist of field observations and debates about soybean production in the Cerrado.

Day​ ​3​ ​-​ ​Friday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​23
Drive to Cristalina, GO
Visit Fazenda Pamplona in Cristalina, GO – 54,685 acres. A farm of SLC Agricola - one of the biggest agricultural groups in Brazil. They produce soybean seeds, corn, cotton, black beans, among other crops.
Visit Fazenda Maringá in Cristalina, GO – 3,705 acres: This farm adopted crop and livestock integrated systems and cover crops to improve soil quality and manage nematode problems. They grow soybean, corn, black beans and wheat.

Day​ ​4​ ​-​ ​Saturday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​24
Morning flight to Curitiba. Day off to relax in the capital of PR.
In the evening we will have a presentation with Dr. Pedro Loyola​, an economist from the State Agricultural Federation, which will talk about Brazilian Agribusiness.

Day​ ​5​ ​-​ ​Sunday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​25
In the morning we will take an amazing train ride crossing the mountains to the Atlantic coast. Then we will embark on a boat tour to Port of Paranaguá – Founded in 1872, it is the largest bulk port of Latin America, and one of the World’s most important sea trade centers.

Day​ ​6​ ​-​ ​Monday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​26
Drive to Carambeí, PR.
Visit Fazenda Frank’Anna in Carambeí, PR – 620 acres. This is a model farm of dairy, soybean, corn, wheat, barley and swine production. The farm highlights are the innovative management, excellent results and the use of topnotch technology. It was elected the ‘Best Farm of Brazil’ in 2007.
In the afternoon we will talk to researchers of Embrapa Soybeans about sustainable soybean management in Brazil,  weed resistance to herbicides and the new technologies available in the Brazilian market.

Day​ ​7​ ​-​ ​Tuesday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​27
Drive to Guarapuava, PR.
Visit Agropecuária Seitz in Guarapuava, PR – 2720 acres. This is a family farm that grows soybeans, corn, wheat and barley. The farm won the national soybean yield contest two times, and currently holds the national soybean yield record (133 bu/ac) without irrigation.
Afterwards we will enjoy a traditional German lunch.
Then we will visit AGRARIA Cooperative ​in Guarapuava, PR - a cooperative founded in 1950. Starting with farming, the coop has set up complete production chains, which encompasses everything from agricultural research to industrialization.

Day​ ​8​ ​-​ ​Wednesday​ ​-​ ​February​ ​28
Drive to Passo Fundo
Visit Sementes Falcao in Encruzilhada Natalino, RS – 1730 acres. This is a family business farm managing wheat and soybean seed production, and focusing on improving soil quality using a variety of soil conservation strategies.
Visit GDM Seeds - a global seeds innovation company that manages soybean and wheat breeding programs. We will visit a soybean research site, and discuss about their main strategies to develop new soybean varieties.

Day​ ​9​ ​-​ ​Thursday​ ​-​ ​March​ ​1
Drive to Nao Me Toque
Visit Cotrijal Cooperative in Nao-Me-Toque, RS – This is an agro-industrial animal and grain cooperative with 60 years of history, more than 6,000 associated farmers, and over $460 million US dollars in revenues last year. The Cooperative organizes one of the biggest international outdoor farm events in Brazil “Expodireto Cotrijal”.
Visit Embrapa Wheat in Passo Fundo, RS - Research unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. The closing point of the tour will cover field visits to soybean production systems of southern Brazil, an overview about planting soybean crops over high residue biomass, and a discussion of the importance of winter cereals for the success of soybean production in colder Brazilian climates.

Day​ ​10​ ​-​ ​Friday​ ​-​ ​March​ ​2
Drive to Porto Alegre
Flight to the US

Day​ ​11​ ​-​ ​Saturday​ ​-​ ​March​ ​3
Arrival back in the U.S.

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